Monday, October 25, 2010

Hello again... and an announcement

Ok, that was supposed to have been a short break.. as Rip Van Winkle probably said to some baffled villagers.

It started off as a pause to just declutter my mind, set priorities.. actually, FIND priorities in the great pile of tasks I'd set up for myself. and was (quite naturally) consistently failing at. So that pretty soon, I wasn't really doing very much at all, including blahing about books.

Which was silly, given that all this while I've been reading like crazy, and whining about having no one to talk books to (Nitya having escaped to Bangalore).

So if you've been checking in for posts, or if you haven't banished the overly silent Blah from your blogroll yet ... THANK YOU. Posting will begin again really soon. With a zombie thriller, rather appropriately named RISE AGAIN.

Meanwhile, do check out CROCUS 2010, the week long virtual book festival over at Saffron Tree for some wonderful children's books from around the world.

Now, off I go to unvanWinkle myself.

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